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Raising Concerns

At the bottom of the page there is a Healthwatch Derby Chart for the Complaints Process for Health and Social Care. This gives advice and support on how to complain. However if you wish to speak to a member of the Healthwatch Derby Team, please call 01332 643988.


Consumer guides to making complaints about health and social care

We know that real change is needed to make the complaints system work for people. But we also know that there are people trying to make complaints or raise concerns today, and they can't wait for reform. They need help now.

So we have worked with Citizens Advice to produce a series of guides to help you make a complaint or raise a concern.

You can find out more about what's involved in making a complaint about a particular service and see what your next steps might be.

There are tips and tools such as letter templates and other practical resources to support you to make an effective complaint. You can also contact you local Healthwatch to find out how to get help with making your complaint.

We want to make the system better at listening to what you have to say. But in the meantime, we hope these tools will help get your message heard.

Tips and tools: health service complaints
Tips and tools: adult social care complaints
GP complaints
NHS dentist complaints
Other NHS services complaints
NHS hospital complaints
Mental health services complaints

Derby Citizen's Advice

Sinfin Library, District Centre, Arleston Lane, Derby, DE24 3DS on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am until 4 pm.

Nurses and Midwives

All practising nurses and midwives in the UK ar registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). They regulate nurses and midwives in England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland and exist to protect the public.

They do this by setting standards of education, training and performance so that nurses and midwives can deliver high quality healthcare throughout their careers. They also make sure that nurses and midwives keep their skills and knowledge up to date and uphold their profesisonal standards. The organisation also has clear and transparent processes to investigate and take action against nurses and midwives who fall short of the standards.

They have produced a new leaflet for patients, carers and the public called Raising Concerns about a nurse or midwife. It explains their role and how patients, carers and the public can raise a concern about a nurse or midwife. Further information is available in the leaflet at the bottom of this page.